Impartial quality monitoring

Grade D is just enough to progress to the next level at school. This isn't the case with 'qih Qualität im Handwerk Fördergesellschaft mbH', a company dedicated to promoting quality craftsmanship. qih applies significantly higher standards when making its performance assessment, which is designed to offer potential private and business customers guidance when they look for highly skilled trade businesses in their area. To be certified, trade businesses have to be rated 'Excellent' by their customers. At the same time, simply earning the seal of quality once is not enough. Participating companies have to continuously deliver good work and have satisfied customers.


About 'Qualität im Handwerk': Founded in April 2007, the Cologne-based qih Qualität im Handwerk Fördergesellschaft mbH is an impartial body that examines customer reviews for the trades colour, design, building protection, vehicle paint sprayer, interior decorator, saddler, undertaker, roller blind and solar protection, carpenter, roofer, and textile cleaner. Private or business customers of accredited companies can communicate their satisfaction with the service provided online or by postcard based on objective criteria. Abuse of the system is almost impossible, as customers can only submit reviews after receiving an invoice with invoice number and associated transaction number. Accredited companies can be easily found on the website of qih by postcode.


Certified VELUX partner

We have been a certified partner of VELUX since April 2001. Accordingly, please contact us if your loft conversion or renovation includes the installation or replacement of high-quality roof windows. We have vast – and positive – experience with VELUX windows.
And needless to say, our customer service team is also available with help and practical advice when it comes to repairing or servicing your existing windows so as to extend their service life.

Masterful – five-star quality

Wir haben es - das 5-Sterne Siegel der Deutschen Bauwirtschaft
Wir haben es - das 5-Sterne Siegel der Deutschen Bauwirtschaft

- Expert advice
- Technical professionalism
- Precise planning
- Precise execution
- Punctual implementation



A masterful standard!

Equally important to us are continuous staff training, safety at work, and environmental awareness – all attributes that our five stars stand for. This award is only presented to those who prove their ability through competence, commitment, quality, and continuous development. And because an independent committee verifies the standards regularly, this excellence has to be proven anew time and again. Good for you, good for your home, and good for us.


Masterful is a quality initiative of the German construction industry, its regional associations, and its trade guilds. Visit for more information.

Registered trademark

 There came a time when we asked ourselves whether a trade business could also be a brand. And we found that it can. Assisted by a patent agent, we decided to register our brand in 2009.


Now visible by the small circled 'r' as a mark of approval in our logo.


Quality for a lifetime...

High-pitched roof combined with metal-clad dormer windows
High-pitched roof combined with metal-clad dormer windows

Only by cooperating in the spirit of partnership is it possible to turn a home into the home of your dreams. Houses and roofs are built for longer than just a few years. They should last a lifetime at the very least. In many cases, building such a roof is not possible with the cheapest offer. In partnering with carefully selected manufacturers, we make every effort to build your roof at a fair price.


To us, a fair price means that our services are remunerated appropriately and that you have made a sound, long-term investment. Good faith cannot be a one-way street. You have faith in our work, we have faith in the fact that you wish to cooperate with us. Regardless of the materials used, execution according to good professional practice remains the unknown quantity in proper craftsmanship.

To maintain and build on our self-imposed high standards of quality, we have faith in the craftsmanship of our staff. Craftsmanship that starts with solid basic training and is then developed continuously. To this end, our staff members attend carefully selected training programmes to enable them to respond to the ever-changing market properly.

...for future generations, too

Lasting and durable quality workmanship that future generations will also enjoy
Lasting and durable quality workmanship that future generations will also enjoy

To us, good faith means more than just building your roof according to good professional practice. In making every effort to protect our environment as far as possible for future generations, we aim to earn your good faith in this area, too. These efforts start with the proper selection of material and end with the proper disposal of waste, including pre-sorting all the resulting materials, so as to identify any material that can be taken to a recycling plant. Our environmental responsibility is a great incentive to meaningfully capitalise on potential sources of energy – be it through renewable energy or energy-saving thermal insulation.



Even stronger in a strong alliance

The mark of quality work carried out in accordance with the generally accepted rules of the roofing trade and training of the highest standards
The mark of quality work carried out in accordance with the generally accepted rules of the roofing trade and training of the highest standards

As a member of the Steinfurt Roofers' Guild, we are also affiliated with the nationwide professional body: the ZVDH*. This means that we benefit from the expertise of a strong association whose primary mission is the continuous monitoring and improvement of the state of the art. The technical regulations of the German roofing trade provide us with extensive specialised literature, which enables us to execute our work according to applicable standards and thus makes it possible to reduce structural damage to the bare minimum. Our affiliation with the ZVDH means that we enjoy diverse additional support in the daily flow of work and can refer to a reliable partner when complex problems arise.

Last but not least, membership guarantees the greatest possible support when it comes to training our apprentices – ensuring they evolve into the roofing specialists of tomorrow. For there is one thing we must never lose sight of in our daily work routine, only staff members who have a solid basic training can become valuable co-contractors, who in turn secure our future as we get older.

Certified TECU partner

We are a certified TECU (KME Germany) partner
We are a certified TECU (KME Germany) partner

We are a certified partner of TECU (KME Germany). Accordingly, please contact us if you wish to use this special high-quality copper material on a roof or façade. We have vast – and positive – experience with TECU. Clicking on the TECU logo enables you to download our certificate for viewing as a PDF.