Know about and benefit from funding opportunities

For many renovation, maintenance or modernisation projects, funding, grants and tax-saving initiatives help you retain or increase the value of your property. Possible cost sharing schemes and tax breaks range from the immediate deductibility of household services (see below) to investment grants from the KfW* for energy-saving renovations. Did you know that such specific measures as the thermal insulation of walls, roofs, and floor ceiling structures are eligible for funding? These programmes are diverse and sometimes limited in terms of time and/or region, however.

*Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (German government-owned development bank)

Tax benefits for craftsman services

In Germany up to 20% of the labour costs (VAT included) are deductible on your income tax return
In Germany up to 20% of the labour costs (VAT included) are deductible on your income tax return

Funding is available for the activities of craftsmen in renovation, maintenance or modernisation projects in private households, regardless of whether they are on a recurring basis or small repairs. In addition to the outlay for craftsman services (labour costs), any machinery or travel expenses invoiced are also eligible.


We guide you through the plethora of funding programmes

Did you know that there are actually more than 1,000 – yes, more than a thousand – funding programmes involving grants or loans for a loft conversion or renovating the roof?
Having said that, if you'd like us to give you sound and comprehensive advice, just ask, and we'll be pleased to provide you with our entire expertise and wealth of experience in a free initial consultation with no strings attached. Call us on +49 (0) 2552 4427.

Funding for roof renovations

Our experts have precise knowledge of the current opportunities for funding and grants and will be pleased to share it with you. With that in mind, based on your particular situation we propose to examine all the opportunities open to consideration for you and your project in a non-binding consultation. At the same time, we will formulate an energy-saving solution for you that offers the best value and comes with the best funding opportunities.
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