All the facts on roofing and walls

We specialise in all areas of roofing, walls and façades

Diversity is our strong point. We realise projects of any size or type for private clients, as well as for commerce and industry. Our -> range of services shows you that we perform quality work in most parts of your home. You'll also find out why we're seen in more places than only on the roof.

Also big when it comes to small projects

Being a strong partner for major projects is something we've always been known for. Yet it is especially our private customers who also appreciate us as a reliable partner for all aspects of roofing, walls and façades. It has also become common knowledge that we perform -> minor repairs, renovations, and make good damage quickly, flexibly, and at a fair price.
We at Friedrichs have even set up a separate project department. Take a look at our organisational chart (Service).

And we offer two unique services in the shape of our -> roof emergency hotline and -> Friedrichs service card, which always give you the satisfaction of knowing everything is well 'covered'.

...and always strong on major construction sites

Everything well covered when shopping – we built the high-pitched and flat roofs at the FOC shopping mall in Ochtrup
Everything well covered when shopping – we built the high-pitched and flat roofs at the FOC shopping mall in Ochtrup

Restoration of the Münster University Hospital's roof, new roofing at Lamberti Church, the 'roofscape' of the FOC in Ochtrup – major projects have always been a strong point of ours.
Our carefully thought-out and proven organisational structure with project managers and well-coordinated work groups enables us to plan resources flexibly and match them perfectly with the construction project in question.
And cooperating with strong partners who are equally as well organised as us ensures that we always have major projects firmly under control, too.

We are a five-star company and improving all the time

We are proud to be one of the extremely few roofing companies in our region to be able to boast this certification for the German construction industry. Read here why you can expect more from Friedrichs when it comes to quality, too:

The right team for every project

Private customers and industrial or public contracting entities all benefit from our carefully thought-out and effectively organised corporate structure.
Our -> organisational chart shows at a glance which -> staff member of Friedrichs is responsible for which area. Project managers, teams, and management are clearly structured and thus perfectly organised for every situation.