Small job service

Is this something you've experienced?

You have a small repair job that needs to be fixed quickly and easily... "No problem, we'll do it when we're in your area." And then you wait, and wait. And ask what's happening. And wait. And are put off until later. After all, it's only a small job...


You will not experience this at Friedrichs!

Small repairs, maintenance work and servicing are so important to Friedrichs that we have a dedicated -> department for precisely such tasks.
One team leader, eight skilled craftsmen, and four dedicated vehicles are there with the sole purpose of ensuring that your roof is resealed quickly, that your rain gutter no longer drips, and that your roof window immediately closes again properly.

Why is this rapid and equitable service so important to us
that we employ three dedicated teams for it?

  • Because we want to avoid an unnecessary escalation of problems for you. Consequently, with any problem on the roof, it's a case of surveying the damage, sealing temporarily, ordering material, and making a permanent repair immediately.
  • As we know that smaller repairs also need the full care and attention of our skilled craftsmen, so as to fix them inexpensively, quickly, and according to good professional practice.
  • And because as a roofing company good work at fair terms is one of our core tasks, of course.
Learn more in our small job service flyer:
Flyer Kleinauftrag-Service
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Are you interested, is there anything you're still unsure of or would you like to place an order right now?
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